Central Accommodation

The air-conditioned accommodation in the main building caters for only 6 guests. Guests stay in one of three rooms which have a full sized two person bunk bed in each. It's sometimes hard to sleep-in though when looking out the window gives you a panorama of the bay and a taste of the waves in store for the day. All linen and towels are provided.

Shower Building
Just outside the central accommodation and bar is the shower building. Incorporating the highest quality fittings, guests can have a cool rinse down after a day in the surf or a warm shower in the cool tropical rain courtesy of the showers open roof design, so either way you have only the waving palm fronds and clouds for a ceiling.

Luxury Villa Accommodation

Plans are in place to construct a new luxury villa in November 2010, such that it will be ready for the 2011 season. This villa will accommodate 2 to 4 guests and give us more flexibility in terms of accommodating couples and families. Also located on the hill overlooking Pitstops, slightly closer to the break but even higher than the Magra-Bar, this will be an incredible place to share a trip with your friends or loved ones. The air-conditioned villa will include a private bathroom with hot and cold showers and of course all lines / towels etc are provided.