The Waves

This is only a brief introduction to the highest profile waves in our region, but please keep in mind that this is barely a third of the spots that we surf, which at last count totaled 42 different breaks within 45 minutes of Pitstop Hill.

Amongst this mind-blowing selection are some of the best surf breaks in the world, flawless barrel machines, and high performance set-ups, right through to playful breaks that are suitable for learners and less confident surfers.

A glance at the surf map hints at something pretty special, and that is that amongst this incredible selection, are set-ups that face almost all directions of the compass, such that somewhere a stones-throw from the Hill is clean in every wind direction.

Not only does the Indian Ocean funnel consistent swells into the northern Mentawai, but the way in which these swells can refract around the islands can take years to ‘wrap’ your head around.

The local breaks happily receive swells from around 165 degrees SSE to 270 degrees due west, and the weather and wind can change quickly, so that is why those searching for waves without an experienced surf guide can and do miss so many incredible sessions.