A consistent and powerful right-hand barrel a short distance from Pitstop Hill, Bankvaults is aptly named thanks to the square barrels that can throw out as far as they are high. Depending on the swell direction, the Vault can have a number of different take-off spots such that it is one of the areas more spread-out line-ups. While the sometimes fearsome reputation that often precedes it is warranted on big days, even if you are not hunting challenging caverns, don’t write this wave off because clean, head-high Bankvaults could easily provide the most memorable session of your stay. Given not only its combination of perfection and intensity, but also its close proximity to the Hill, Bankvaults is a favourite of the Pitstop Hill guys, and we love nothing more than showing guests which waves to choose out there, and to see the exhilaration when one of our friends flies out into the channel after a good one.