Burgerworld is a swell magnet of a right-hander and the only true point break in the area. It peels down the almost Jurassic side of Pulau Karoniki, definitely a more fitting name for this beautiful spot than Burgers, as it is more commonly known. Karoniki isn’t too far from Pitstop Hill, it takes less than 20 minutes to get back from there, and the evening run home with a light westerly, the best wind for the wave, seems over before you know it. The little island seems even closer when viewed from the lawn on the Hill. The wave itself is best known for its reliability on the small days and during the calmer low season months, but it can actually be a really good quality set-up when everything comes together, with hollow sections at both the beginning and end of the ride, and a nice pace for some rail-work through the middle section. You’ve got to know when to go, and it’s always entertaining to see how often boats head there on the wrong conditions, which is probably why many don’t realize how good Karoniki can get.