Located just down the beach from Bankvaults, Nipussi is the most reliable break in the area as it picks up any available swell and is surfable on all tides. This fun right-hander occasionally throws up a nice barrel but is more renowned for its workable walls and playful peaks. A couple of different take-off points help to spread any crowd, and photos shot from certain angles can make Nipussi look remarkably like a tropical version of Bells Beach in Victoria, Australia. When most breaks are flat, Nipussi will still be offering up a head high wave, and when there is a bit of swell around, it’s a great place to share some nice drops and long walls with just your friends. Whilst we normally take the boat around, by foot Nipussi is a lot closer to us than you might think, and a walk through the peninsula is something you must do on your first visit to Pitstop Hill.