A speed demons delight, Nokandui is one of the world’s fastest left-hand barrels, and there is obviously some pretty stiff competition. A little like a reverse Rifles, and almost as long, section after gaping section throw out over you as you hurtle down the line. Nokandui is a very fast (that word again) and technical barrel, especially for those having a dig on their back-hand, and more often than not the only way to make the wave is to pull in so it’s one of those waves where you’ve really got to want it. Your humble scribe experienced a life-changing wipe-out at Nokandui and we’d urge that charging blindly is not the best plan of attack at a wave of this intensity. That said, a large number of Pitstop Hill guests, and most of the long term goofy foots in the region regard this as their favourite wave in the world.