Pitstops is not your typical grinding Indo reef pass, but is regarded by many as the highest performance wave in the islands, and to quote 4 time world champion Mark Richards, “it has to be the funnest right on the planet”. It is a triangular shaped reef over which this right-hander peels into a beautiful little cove at the foot of our hill. The best bet is to backdoor the take-off for a nice barrel before the waves peels off the reef onto the sand where you will be presented with several sections that are as playful as you will find anywhere. After a good one at the end of the day, you’ll kick off on nearly dry sand and be in the bar in about one minute flat. Pitstops is great because it requires only a bit of swell to get going, is very surf-able on all tides, and is still fun in most winds. Sometimes we just surf here all day.