Rifles is a freak of nature. This full throttle right-hander just keeps on barrelling, and the bigger and straighter it gets, the longer it gets, sometimes throwing up barrel after barrel for an unfathomable distance. Often you are locked in the tube here and each near exit is met with yet another 20 metre long barrel section as you weave your board through the tube, hunting for that extra bit of down-the-line speed that will allow your ride to continue.
Those that are lucky enough to have surfed a lot of Rifles can often be heard debating the ideal swell direction for it, down to the exact degree, and we aren’t about to publish those details here. Even on days when you pass Rifles and it is too small to surf, it is classic to see the astonishment on the face of a new-comer when you explain that on a good day you can take-off up here, and kick-off way down there.